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Гость, 19 марта 2021 г.
It was another day for Twitch streamer Jakeyosaurus because he began up Old School RuneScape together with the intent of RuneScape gold doing some Treasure Trail quests. He'd 150 Difficult reward caskets, therefore that he began digging until he unearthed a Master Treasure Trail scroll. At Old School Runescape, Master scrolls are recommended just for adventurers who've floor their abilities up to the greatest tiers, though they do lead into the best loot. The initial Master scroll he tried, which had been the 412th he'd ever finished, had nothing to write home about, nor did the next nine. Little did he know that he was going to hit the jackpot.

Many gamers have fallen into the trap of spending way too much trying to acquire the rarest items in RuneScape, but Jakeyosaurus was not searching for anything specifically. After a swift struggle, his expression turned into one of stunned elation when he recognized that the Mimic he had just defeated included a 3rd Age Pickaxe, that is the 2nd most valuable thing in Old School RuneScape, second only to the Twisted Bow. The Twitch chat was going berserk in the backdrop. They had noticed something even more intriguing, the telling in his quest log that his character had the impression he was being followed. Each treasure is incredibly rare by itself, but the likelihood of getting both from precisely the exact same reward casket are absurd. According to Twitter user and self-proclaimed"Clue Scroll Enthusiast" @SaederRS, the likelihood of getting a bloodhound plus a nonspecific 3rd Age instrument is approximately 1:207,200.

The bloodhound is a A-tier furry friend, and can only be gotten via Treasure Trail scrolls. With floppy ears, lolling tongue, and a pulling green deerstalker cap, it is easy to see why lots of Old School RuneScape players consider that the detective dog are the most coveted warrior in the game, at least for today. Jagex is still putting out updates for the nearly two-decade-old game, like the Nightmare of Ashihama raid, so it's merely a matter of time.

Jakeyosaurus's 4-year quest to obtain the rare pet seems to have come to an end with what might be the rarest drop in OSRS history. "If I had noticed both at the same time, I might have just exploded," Jakeyosaurus said breathlessly, completely taken aback by his good luck. He has not mentioned what his next quest is going to buy RS gold be, but with this sort of luck he may want to consider looking for rare artifacts in RuneScape 3 with the new archaeology skill.
Гость, 15 июня 2022 г.
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