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Anyhow, at Edgeville (where the pursuit happens ) you can give 50k to a Mage who will turn you into a monster of your choice for 20 minutes (depending on the monster, it requires different amounts of tokens) and OSRS gold then teleport you to one of three different regions of the wilderness according to your monster - greaters in the deep wild place, black unicorns at the middle ect.

Anyhow, you will get an area your permitted to patrol (like the other monsters ) and your rate will be just as slow as them. You can not consume, or utilize any items/spells like them - but if you die, and your 20 minutes isn't up, you respawn as the same monster within 10 minutes. Anyhow, you gain tokens for every 10% of health you remove from a player (a player with 50 hp left, you will gain tokens for hitting a 5), and other people playing as creatures kill (must maintain multi battle to pile up - and you can just develop into an aggressive monster) which can be used to purchase new creatures and objects. You do not acquire any expertise on your character while in Dragon Play, and the only thing you keep is your title. You may only communicate with different creatures, Rs gold 2107 players won;t even be able to listen to what you say; however, you can listen to them. If you figure out how to KO a player, you get to pick up their things and carry them over to your character!
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